DASH Series STAT Centrifuges

  • Lid lighting keeps TAT down by visually showing cycle status: ready, running, done
  • No forgotten tubes in the centrifuge: lid lights keep flashing until the lid is opened
  • 75 to 125 mm (up to 50 mL) tubes require no change of rotor or tube holder

HORIZON Series Routine Centrifuges

  • For blood and urine; all 75 to 125 mm (up to 50 mL) tubes
  • Check cycle status at a glance: bright LED lid lighting indicates ready, running, or done
  • Choose from 2 easy-to-use interface options: Set-and-Lock or Flex

Collection Site/600 Series Benchtop Centrifuges

  • Select from fixed angle and horizontal models
  • Can fit a variety of tube sizes, including 75, 100, and 125 (in some units) mm tubes
  • Preset speed for strong repeatability

12V Mobile Phlebotomy Centrifuge

  • Powered directly from a vehicle’s 12V electrical supply
  • Simple two-button operation and preset cycle (10 minutes at 1,600 xg)
  • Spins all common chemistry tubes (75-100 mm, 3-10 mL)

SERO 12 Programmable Blood Banking Centrifuge

  • Facilitates high-quality blood grouping, typing, cross matching, and more
  • Spin up to 6 capped or 12 uncapped 13 x 75 mm blood tubes (up to 100 mm with additional rotor)
  • Program up to 10 custom cycles; adjust runtime in increments of 5 or 15 seconds

BOOST Adjustable Capacity Centrifuges

  • Fits the widest variety of tube sizes with convenient inserts
  • Program up to 10 custom cycles or adjust speed, time, and braking on the fly
  • Lightweight and compact for easy movement around the tightest clinics

TrueBond Animal Health Centrifuges

  • Spin microhematocrit tubes, fecal, blood, urine and more in one centrifuge
  • Designed for the unique needs of veterinary professionals
  • Easy to use, with convenient controls and clear, bright digital displays


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View our Full Line of Hospital Centrifuges

DASH Apex 6 compact STAT centrifuge seen from the front

DASH Series

Our DASH centrifuges are designed with STAT specimen processing in mind. The DASH line of centrifuges was designed in partnership with BD for the new BD Barricor™ Vacutainer tubes and STAT coag, and they are capable of dramatically reducing turnaround time. The DASH line includes the Apex 6, Apex 12, Flex 12, and Apex 24 centrifuges, which are able to accomodate any capacity requirement. Easy to use, these centrifuges are found in large labs as well as in small offices and point of care facilities. If you’re looking for efficiency, quick turnaround, and superior performance, the DASH Series is for you.

HORIZON 6 clinical chemistry centrifuge seen from the front


Simplify, streamline, and standardize with Drucker Diagnostics’ HORIZON series. Easy to operate and versatile, these centrifuges combine the functionality your lab needs with new features to seamlessly improve efficiency and workflow. See cycle progress at a glance with the HORIZON’s cutting-edge LED lid lights: off when the centrifuge is ready to be loaded, on when it is running, and flashing at the end of the cycle until the lid is opened. From easy-to-use centrifuges preset with cycles for chemistry, coag, and urine to our fully programmable HORIZON 6 Flex, HORIZON 12 Flex, and HORIZON 24 Flex models, the HORIZON Series has the features to fit any laboratory need.

642E collection site centrifuge seen from the front

Collection Site Series

The Drucker Collection Site line of centrifuges includes the simplest, easiest to use, and most affordable centrifuges. Well suited for sample collection points, urgent care, and physician offices, the Model 614B and 642E (shown) have been adopted by many reference labs and have found their way into over 200,000 additional locations worldwide. If you’re looking for affordability, simplicity, and repeatability, the Collection Site Series is for you.