DASH Series STAT Centrifuges

  • Lid lighting keeps TAT down by visually showing cycle status: ready, running, done
  • No forgotten tubes in the centrifuge: lid lights keep flashing until the lid is opened
  • 75 to 125 mm (up to 50 mL) tubes require no change of rotor or tube holder

HORIZON Series Routine Centrifuges

  • For blood and urine; all 75 to 125 mm (up to 50 mL) tubes
  • Check cycle status at a glance: bright LED lid lighting indicates ready, running, or done
  • Choose from 2 easy-to-use interface options: Set-and-Lock or Flex

Collection Site/600 Series Benchtop Centrifuges

  • Select from fixed angle and horizontal models
  • Can fit a variety of tube sizes, including 75, 100, and 125 (in some units) mm tubes
  • Preset speed for strong repeatability

12V Mobile Phlebotomy Centrifuge

  • Powered directly from a vehicle’s 12V electrical supply
  • Simple two-button operation and preset cycle (10 minutes at 1,600 xg)
  • Spins all common chemistry tubes (75-100 mm, 3-10 mL)

SERO 12 Programmable Blood Banking Centrifuge

  • Facilitates high-quality blood grouping, typing, cross matching, and more
  • Spin up to 6 capped or 12 uncapped 13 x 75 mm blood tubes (up to 100 mm with additional rotor)
  • Program up to 10 custom cycles; adjust runtime in increments of 5 or 15 seconds

BOOST Adaptable Capacity Centrifuges

  • Fits the widest variety of tube sizes with convenient inserts
  • Program up to 10 custom cycles or adjust speed, time, and braking on the fly
  • Lightweight and compact for easy movement around the tightest clinics

TrueBond Animal Health Centrifuges

  • Spin microhematocrit tubes, fecal, blood, urine and more in one centrifuge
  • Designed for the unique needs of veterinary professionals
  • Easy to use, with convenient controls and clear, bright digital displays


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