A centrifuge for every animal health need

Using Drucker Diagnostics’ new, custom-designed centrifuges, veterinary professionals can now spin microhematocrit tubes, fecal, blood, urine and more.

Drucker Diagnostics is an industry leader in centrifugation. For more than 90 years, our centrifuges have redefined human healthcare with world-class convenience and reliability.

Animal health specialists can now experience the same level of quality with our new line of veterinary centrifuges, proudly designed, built and supported in central Pennsylvania, USA.


Multipurpose Animal Health Centrifuges

Spin any tube

TrueBond is designed to spin all your tubes, from microhematocrit to urine and everything in between. Includes all necessary adapters.

Easy to use

Minimize training time with TrueBond’s user-friendly interface. The fully digital display makes it easy to customize cycle parameters on the fly, or set and select one of the 10 programmable cycles.

Safe and durable

Enjoy years of safe, worry-free operation with the brushless motor, imbalance protection, and a clear, shatterproof lid, which locks until the centrifuge has stopped completely.

The TrueBond animal health centrifuge shows its digital display and status tracker lid lighting illuminated


A compact, multipurpose animal health centrifuge

The TrueBond is designed for animal health professionals to spin microhematocrit, fecal, blood, urine, and more in one centrifuge.

  • Applications: Microhematocrit, fecal, blood, urine
  • Capacity:
    6 x fecal, urine, or blood tubes (.5-15 mL),
    8 x microhematocrit tubes (40 or 75 mm) tubes
  • Speed: 3,900 RPM (1,850 xg)
  • Size: 12 x 14 x 9 in (30 x 36 x 23 cm)

TrueBond TriFLEX

A drop-in replacement for the Triac

This high-performance system incorporates the widely acclaimed Triac rotor into a state-of-the-art multipurpose veterinary centrifuge.

  • Applications: Microhematocrit, fecal, blood, urine
  • Capacity:
    8 x fecal, urine, or blood tubes (.5-15 mL),
    12 x microhematocrit tubes (40 or 75 mm)
  • Speed:
    10,400 RPM (12,600 xg) for microhematocrit
    3,500 RPM (1,500 xg) for other tubes
  • Rotor: Triac universal with flat microhematocrit

View Our Adjustable Large Tube Centrifuges

Choose the BOOST 2+ Flex for large tubes, the BOOST 4+ Flex for tall tubes, or the BOOST 2+ Max for wide tubes.

Hands hold out a standard BOOST tube holder bucket (left) and a BOOST 2+ Max tube holder bucket (right), showing how much wider the BOOST 2+ Max bucket is in comparison.
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Designed, built, and supported in the USA

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