Drucker Diagnostics

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Drucker products are the trusted choice of reference laboratories, hospitals, community and rural clinics, point of care and physician offices, military field facilities, and cruise ships around the world.

Drucker’s centrifuges are built around flexibility and performance which allows them to handle blood, chemistry, coagulation, cytology, platelet poor plasma (PPP), platelet rich plasma (PRP), urinalysis, serum, general cell and tissue analysis, and more. Drucker Diagnostics


Biological samples need to remain in a safe temperature range from collection to analysis to maximize sample integrity. The Drucker SampleSafe™ keeps specimens safe for hours, even in extreme temperature climates, and is a must-have for traveling nurses. Drucker Diagnostics


The QBC line of dry hematology analyzers provides a 2-part differential CBC without having to run daily controls. This makes the QBC line ideal for remote locations, or in settings where skilled medical personnel are not available and immediate results are critical. QBC


Fluorescence microscopy is the preferred microscopy methodology for parasite detection. Through the use of fluorescent dyes and LED technology, infections can be detected more quickly and treatment can begin without the need to send samples for offsite analysis. QBC

Fluorescence Microscopy