Let our team become your team. Our injection molding specialists seamlessly integrate to become your manufacturing resource. Bring us in at any phase of your project, from prototyping and initial design to production and on-demand manufacturing.

Streamlining Centrifuge Production with Injection Molding Technology

Learn how we used injection molding technology to address high demand for the 642E, our flagship centrifuge and worldwide best-seller for offsite testing and pre-analytic sample processing. After recognizing the limitations of traditional metal parts and the need for continual innovation, we decided to explore the adoption of injection-molded plastics that are engineered specifically for medical applications.

Custom Printing

Personalize your products with our in-house UV printers. Elevate your branding and add unique touches to your designs with complex labels, custom graphics, and more.

Dedicated Experts

Our injection molding team includes engineers, manufacturing specialists, and designers to optimize every phase of the process.

Replace Metal with Molding

With the right design and materials, polymer can be just as durable as metal. We have successfully adapted dozens of parts with no loss of strength.

Quality You Can Trust

Our robust quality control systems are built for the high standards of medical device manufacturing.


Design and Engineering Support

On-demand production at any scale

Quick turnaround and fast shipping

Tight tolerance molding

ISO 13485 certified

40 – 400 ton presses


We deliver your parts as production-ready as possible. Drucker Diagnostics injection molding offers press-side assembly, drilling, pad printing, and more to ensure every part can be produced to your exact specifications. These specialized finishing operations offer maximum customization to streamline your process.

Leverage our years of expertise at every phase of your project. Let our team become your team.

Injection Molding Team Manufacturing Parts


  • Press-side machining
  • Press-side drilling
  • Precision CNC finishing
  • Pad printing
  • Overmolding
  • UV printing for complex labeling

Coming soon: Class 8 clean room


Press Maximum Shot Size
350 Ton Press 42.4 oz
100 Ton Press 4.8 oz
50 Ton Press 2.8 oz
30 Ton Press 0.9 oz



Press Maximum Shot Size
350 Ton Press 42.4 oz
100 Ton Press 4.8 oz
50 Ton Press 2.8 oz
30 Ton Press 0.9 oz


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