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Drucker Diagnostics Adds New Production Line

After years of steady growth, Drucker Diagnostics recently celebrated a big milestone: the opening of a new production line. Read More »

QBC STAR Hematology Analyzer Saves Life of Teen with Bleeding Stomach Tumor

In the time it typically takes for blood results to come back, Courtney Mason could have died. When the 19-year-old from Wellsford, an hour north of Auckland, went to her GP after a week of feeling breathless, fatigued, weak and dizzy, neither knew just how dire her situation was… Read More »

Improving STAT Turnaround Time with Minimal Process Change

Your lab is at the heart of fast and accurate healthcare delivery. That means constant pressure for quick turnaround times, high-quality samples, and clear results. The demand for STAT samples is at an all-time high, and even tests once considered routine are now under time pressure. The need to maximize STAT processing efficiency is clear…. Read More »