Drucker Diagnostics designs and manufactures pre-analytics clinical laboratory equipment here in the United States. As the world’s leading provider of clinical centrifuges, manufacturing over 40,000 clinical centrifuges annually, Drucker Diagnostics produces private labeled centrifuges for over 150 corporate partners including the world’s largest reference labs, distributors, and hospital networks. Additionally, Drucker Diagnostics distributes products to a global customer base in over 80 countries. Founded in 1932, Drucker has been manufacturing and distributing clinical centrifuges for over 80 years.

In House Manufacturing

Drucker Diagnostics’ operations centers are located in Port Matilda and Philipsburg, Pennsylvania USA – Both located outside of State College, PA – For over 80 years, Drucker Diagnostics has proudly manufactured their entire product line in the USA

Dry Hematology and Flourescence Microscopy

Drucker Diagnostics manufactures the world’s only true dry hematology review as well as a growing line of cutting edge fluorescence microscopy products and more


After pioneering the use of horizontal centrifuges in laboratories through their patented design, Drucker Diagnostics continues to innovate to make laboratory products more reliable, affordable, and easier to use. Drucker currently holds 12 patents on centrifuge based systems

Vertically Integrated

Drucker Diagnostics is a vertically integrated manufacturer with in-house design, additive manufacturing, injection molding, CNC machining, printing, metal bending, and forming and instrument assembly.



  • 13,000 hours of injection molding press time 
  • 1.5 years of injection molding press time
  • 1,800 hours of machining center time

Centrifuge Manufacturing

  • 39,000 centrifuges manufactured 
  • 156 centrifuges produced per working day
  • 20 centrifuges per hour
  • Averaged 70 line items shipped per day

QBC Manufacturing

  • 3,500,000 QBC tubes shipped 
  • 305 instruments shipped
  • 190 STARs, 35 CBC Reader II’s, 80 Autoreads

Drucker Diagnostics produces over 4,000,000 parts a year and ships them to destinations all over the world.