STAT Lab Clinical Centrifuges

Reducing your turnaround time. The goal is clear and challenging. Shortening the centrifugation cycle is only one way to shorten TAT: peripheral operations such as labeling eat up time. Tubes spend time waiting in accessioning to be received and labeled, at the centrifuge to make up a load, and after cycle completion to be transferred to the analyzer.

In a noisy lab, it is easy to miss the audible alarm that signals the end of the centrifuge cycle while answering phone calls from ED, attending to another piece of equipment, or dealing with ordinary events such as unexpected results, specimens of questionable quality, or missing tubes. All of these real life conditions increase your average TAT.

DASH centrifuges, combined with the Drucker DASH methodology below, can cut TAT up to 20 minutes with a few simple changes.

» The Drucker DASH Approach

  1. Label tubes in phlebotomy instead of in a lab
  2. Use colored bags for STAT
  3. Eliminate tube waiting time
  4. For a more continuous flow, use an array of smaller centrifuges
  5. Centrifuge in accessioning area
  6. Reduce spin time by increasing G-force

» DASH centrifuges are designed to address these real challenges of the lab

  • Programmable settings that can be set to your validated cycles
  • 3 settings for STAT chemistry, coag, and pediatric tubes or others
  • The centrifuge can be restricted to a single setting to prevent errors
  • Lid lighting keeps you informed visually of the centrifuge status (ready, running, done)
  • No forgotten tubes in the centrifuge: lid lights keep flashing until the lid is opened
  • 75 to 125 mm (0.5 mL to 50 mL) tubes require no change of rotor or tube holder

Available in 6, 12, and 24 tube capacity

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