About Drucker Diagnostics

Drucker Diagnostics is a world leader in the design and production of centrifuges. Founded in 1932, Drucker has become the most common centrifuge brand in reference labs. Our entire product line is proudly designed, built, and supported in the USA. All operations take place in-house at our operating centers in central Pennsylvania, just outside of State College, PA.

Drucker maintains a strong emphasis on UL and CE labeling and third-party verification. Class I products are registered with the FDA and class II products have received FDA 510k clearance.


Drucker is a world leader in centrifuge production

Products in 80 Countries

More Than 350 Corporate Partners

Drucker Diagnostics offers a wide range of routine lab centrifuges for hospital core labs, physicians offices, and more. 

STAT Centrifugation

Discover a better way to spin STAT with Drucker DASH, designed to minimize TAT when it matters most.  

Blood Banking

The only drop-in replacement for the world’s most popular blood banking centrifuge, designed for typing and cross-matching.

BOOST 2+ Flex Adaptable Centrifuge

BOOST is built to centrifuge the largest tubes and easily adjust to fit smaller tubes without changing the rotor.

Veterinary Centrifuges

The TrueBond animal health centrifuge is seen from the front with digital display and status tracker lid lighting illuminated
TrueBond empowers animal health professionals to spin microhematocrit, fecal, blood, urine and more in one centrifuge.


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