The wide tube centrifuge BOOST 2+ Max seen from the front

Rotor and tube holder buckets included. Please contact Drucker Diagnostics if additional inserts or supports are needed to hold the desired tubes.

BOOST 2+ Max

Maximum Capacity Centrifuge

Capacity: 2 disposables up to 91.4 mm (3.60 in)
diameter x 137.2 mm (5.40 in) length
Max Carrier Load: 330.0 grams
Max RCF: 1800 xg
Max Speed: 3200 RPM
Weight: 37 lbs (18 kg)
Dimensions: 15 x 18 x 10 in (38 x 46 x 25 cm)
Warranty: 2 years

  • Spin your ideal cycle: adjust RPM, RCF, time, and braking
  • Program up to 10 custom settings using the digital display
  • Extra large capacity for your largest disposables
  • Designed, built, and supported in the USA

The Large Tube Solution

BOOST 2+ Max fits the biggest devices of any Drucker centrifuge and spins up to 330g per bucket. Your individual IFUs can be pre-programmed or adjusted.


Customized Just For You

Your devices, spun your way. Control everything about your centrifuge, from speed to time to braking. Select from a wide variety of inserts to fit all your tubes.


A Durable Workhorse

Enjoy years of hassle-free service, even under heavy workloads. Rigorous testing ensures our centrifuges meet hospital equipment safety standards.

Spin The Biggest Tubes

The largest buckets and highest load capacity. The BOOST 2+ Max features extra-wide buckets that hold up to 330g each. It spins the largest devices of any BOOST centrifuge.

Different sizes of tube are shown loaded in the standard adapters and buckets of the BOOST 2+ Flex
Standard BOOST bucket at left, BOOST 2+ Max at right
A centrifuge insert for a 50 mL tube is placed into the wide capacity BOOST 2+ Max bucket
BOOST 2+ Max inserts sit inside the large buckets

Fits Smaller Tubes

Adjustable and versatile for any tube size. The BOOST 2+ Max uses the industry-leading BOOST insert system. Select the right insert for each tube you spin, and switch them out as needed – no tools required.

What is the warranty on Drucker’s centrifuges?
Drucker Diagnostics provides a two (2) year parts and labor warranty.

Will I need to purchase accessories for the centrifuge separately?
Your BOOST 2+ Max includes the rotor and buckets. Inserts for your specific tube size need to be purchased separately. There are several different sizes to accommodate the widest variety of tubes.

How often should my centrifuge be calibrated?
Drucker Diagnostics recommends the centrifuge be calibrated every 2 years or 5,000 cycles.

What should be used to clean and disinfect the BOOST 2+ Max?
ONLY isopropyl alcohol, soap and water, or a 10% (5,500 PPM) bleach solution should be used for cleaning and disinfection of the centrifuge and accessories. All surfaces must be dried immediately after cleaning and disinfecting.

What cleaning solutions should be avoided?
TBQ Germicidal products should not be used as they will cause damage to the centrifuge and void the warranty. The use of fully/partially halogenated hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, ethers, benzyls, ethyl benzenes, and all other chemicals not prescribed by Drucker Diagnostics should not be used as they may cause damage to the rotor chamber, rotor, tube holders, accessories, and centrifuge exterior. If this occurs the warranty will be voided.

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Designed, built, and supported in the USA