Oncology STAT Chemistry Centrifuges

Compact, quiet, fast, easy to use, and affordable

Before administering chemotherapy, it is necessary to perform blood tests to confirm that the patient is physically prepared for the next round of treatment. As the patient is often waiting in the facility for these tests to be performed, time is of the essence. A quick turnaround helps both patient satisfaction and clinic productivity.  

Using the same methods and STAT centrifuges used by STAT labs can greatly reduce the patient’s wait. In addition, testing in the Oncology department itself can further reduce turnaround time. Drucker DASH STAT centrifuges, designed with STAT labs in mind, are well-suited to oncology needs. Fast spin times, easy to operate design, and affordable pricing make these units the smart choice for Oncology departments worldwide. 

DASH Apex 6

  • STAT centrifuge with 3 and 5 minute cycles
  • 6 tube capacity
  • 1 sq. foot footprint is ideal for compact labs
  • Simple 2 button operation

DASH Apex 12

  • 2x the capacity of the DASH Apex 6
  • STAT cycles of 3 and 5 minutes
  • Only 25% larger than the DASH Apex 6

DASH Flex 12

  • 10 programmable settings
  • 12 tube capacity
  • Digital display and timer

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