Our Products

Drucker Diagnostics produces and distributes a full line of benchtop clinical centrifuges and sample protection lockboxes. Designed and built by Drucker in Pennsylvania, our centrifuge line includes DASH STAT centrifuges, HORIZON routine centrifuges, and the 642E, the world’s most popular reference lab centrifuge. Drucker also offers dry hematology analyzers under the QBC brand.

DASH STAT Centrifuges

Discover a better way to spin STAT with Drucker DASH centrifuges. Minimize lab error, reduce turnaround time, and streamline training.

HORIZON Routine Series

With easy-to-use controls for flexibility and repeatability, Drucker HORIZON centrifuges are the perfect choice for any routine lab.

Outreach Centrifuges

Well-suited for urgent care, physician offices, and more, Drucker’s 600 Series workhorse centrifuges are simple, easy to use, and affordable.

Large Tube Centrifuges

Designed to hold the widest variety of tubes, BOOST offers unmatched flexibility for many sample sizes. Discover how BOOST spins all your tubes conveniently and efficiently. 

Dry Hematology

QBC dry hematology analyzers eliminate the difficulties posed by wet reagents. Ideal for remote locations, pediatric offices, and more. Discover the convenience of the QBC STAR. 

Blood Bank Centrifugation

Built for blood typing and testing. Designed with blood banks in mind. The SERO 12 is a drop-in replacement for the world’s most popular blood banking centrifuge. 

Designed, built, and supported in the USA