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Physician’s Office

Sample preparation solutions for laboratory transport or onsite testing.  

Drucker offers centrifuges built to serve the three primary needs of the physician’s office. For preparing samples prior to transport to a reference lab, many physicians turn to the centrifuge most commonly chosen by reference labs themselves, the Drucker 642E, and to the SampleSafe™ lockbox, which protects spun samples from extreme temperatures as they await lab pickup. For in-house sample processing with no need to transport tubes, the affordable 614B fixed-angle centrifuge is a workhorse. And when STAT testing is required to confirm a patient’s readiness for a procedure, the Drucker DASH Apex 6 delivers results in as little as 3 minutes of spin time. 

Explore Drucker’s line of products designed for the physician’s office:


Suitable for on-site non-STAT sample processing. Six (6) tube, fixed-angle rotor. Single, preset speed and time cycle setting. Max speed 3,250 RPM, max G-Force/RCF of 1,100.


Best for sample preparation prior to reference lab analysis. Six (6) tube horizontal rotor. Single, preset speed and time cycle setting. Max speed 3,400 RPM, max G-Force/RCF of 1,600.


Keeps samples viable in extreme hot or cold climates for more than twice as long as metal lockboxes and offers many convenient features. Available in front load or top load designs. 

DASH Apex 6

On-site STAT processing six (6) tube centrifuge. Features three carefully selected presets. Maximum speed of 5,300 RPM and max g-force (RCF) of 4,000. Used, ideally, in an array.