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 Laboratory: Routine

For a routine testing, your laboratory has a variety of needs. Whereas a programmable centrifuge facilitates running custom cycles or conducting studies, sometimes all that is needed is a simple, single setting centrifuge for blood or urine with a setting that is always right.

Some applications, such as the need to process 50mL tubes, mandates the use of a larger benchtop centrifuge. Or, an array of centrifuges might substitute for a floor model and provide the flexibility and continuous flow that comes with multiple units.

Drucker Diagnostics has centrifuges for all your routine needs in 6, 12, and 24 tube capacity.


» 642E – Blood

  • Single setting for chemistry or coag
  • 6 tube capacity
  • Simple operation

» 642VES – Blood & Urine

  • 10 programmable settings
  • 6 tube capacity
  • Digital Display

» 853VES – Blood & Urine

  • 10 programmable cycles
  • 12 tube capacity
  • Digital display

» 755VES – Blood & Urine

  • 10 programmable cycles
  • 24 tube capacity
  • Up to six 50 mL tubes

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