Meet the next generation of STAT centrifuges

STAT Laboratory

STAT processing is faster and easier than ever with the DASH centrifuge line. Reduce turnaround time with our set-and-lock Apex models or the digital DASH Flex. Learn more ››

Adaptable Centrifuges

Hands hold out a standard BOOST tube holder bucket (left) and a BOOST 2+ Max tube holder bucket (right), showing how much wider the BOOST 2+ Max bucket is in comparison.

BOOST large-tube centrifuges are designed to spin any tube and accommodate all your IFUs. Discover the only centrifuge you’ll ever need. Learn more ››

Animal Health

The TrueBond animal health centrifuge is shown from above, with its rotor visible and loaded with two centrifuge microhematocrit inserts, each holding four microhematocrit tubes. The inserts sit smoothly within the existing tube holders and can be changed out without changing the rotor.

Using our custom animal health centrifuges, veterinary professionals can now spin microhematocrit, fecal, blood, urine, and more in one centrifuge. Learn more ››

Replace your StatSpin™ with a DASH centrifuge

Discover what sets Drucker Diagnostics’ DASH STAT centrifuges apart from StatSpin. The DASH series is designed to outperform its competitors with greater reliability, unbeatable customer service, and enhanced efficiency, making it ideal for high-demand hospital environments.

Making people safer, healthier, and more productive

Drucker Diagnostics is the world’s leading manufacturer of clinical benchtop centrifuges. Our STAT, routine, and blood bank centrifuges process millions of blood samples for patient testing and diagnostics every day. If you have ever had your blood drawn and tested, it was likely spun in a Drucker Diagnostics centrifuge. All Drucker Diagnostics products are proudly designed, built, and supported in the USA.

Trusted Worldwide

Centrifugation Specialists

Innovation & Design

Quality & Value


  • Designed for the clinical lab
  • Consistent uptime for sample preparation
  • Blood, chemistry, coagulation (coags), cytology, platelet poor plasma (PPP), urinalysis, serum, general cell and tissue analysis, and more


  • Built for TAT reduction
  • Powerful performance when every second counts
  • Blood, chemistry, coagulation (coags), platelet poor plasma (PPP), serum, and more


  • Designed for typing and cross matching
  • Drop in replacement for the world’s most popular blood bank centrifuge
  • Compatible with your existing rotors


  • Fits a wide variety of tube sizes
  • Easy swap inserts for maximum flexibility and compatibility
  • Digital controls simplify adjustment and confirmation of settings


  • Built for the unique needs of animal health professionals
  • Spin all common veterinary tubes in one centrifuge
  • Fecal, urine, microhematocrit, blood, and more

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Designed, built, and supported in the USA