Model 614M Centrifuge


Fixed-angle, mobile centrifuge from Drucker Diagnostics.



The Model 614M is our most affordable fixed-angle, mobile centrifuge. With a preset g-force of 1,600 xg and a mechanical timer, this centrifuge offers timing flexibility at a fixed g-force. A 12VDC plug allows the unit to be powered by a 12V outlet when other power options are not available.


The Model 614M is a continuous-duty centrifuge designed for Chemistry, Coagulation, and general purpose. With this mobile centrifuge, it is possible to process blood samples immediately after collection rather than having to return a lab, making it ideal for traveling nurses.

Fixed-Angle vs Horizontal Centrifugation

Fixed-angle centrifuges, although less expensive, produce gel layers that may be susceptible to rupture during transport. These damaged samples cannot be used without an additional centrifugation step; yet the CLSI recommends against re-centrifugation for its known negative effects on analytical results. For better gel layer formation, please consider horizontal centrifugation with the Model 642M.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 11.75 x 8.75 in
Intended Use


Tube Capacity

, ,

Maximum RPM

Maximum G-Force


Rotor Type


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