Reference Lab Centrifuges

Affordable and durable centrifuges built for heavy-duty reference lab use

Reference labs demand high performance and uncompromising quality. With the need to standardize across draw sites and frequent requirements to transport specimens, demand for the right solutions is high. Drucker Diagnostics began to focus on the needs of reference labs early, and Drucker has long been the most frequently used brand across all reference labs. Drucker products combine workhorse utility with affordability, helping keep costs down without sacrificing quality centrifugation. Our designs emphasize repeatability and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that specimens are prepared in a standard way while keeping training and equipment costs low. 


  • Six (6) tube capacity horizontal rotor
  • Single preset speed and time setting
  • Max speed 3,400 RPM and max RCF/
    g-force of 1,600 xg


  • Six (6) tube capacity horizontal rotor
  • Three preset speed/time settings
  • Max speed 3,800 RPM and max RCF/
    g-force of 2,000 xg

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