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Platelet Rich Plasma Centrifuges

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), and Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) are common samples needed for diagnostic testing. As a leading U.S. clinical centrifuge manufacturer, Drucker Diagnostics partners with tube manufacturers around the world to create general purpose centrifuges optimized for each individual application. Each unit can be preset for a single tube type or to the Instructions For Use of a specific tube manufacturer. 

Our internal team works with each partner to ensure a strong understanding of the clinical applications and the performance necessary from the centrifuge. For more information on a PRP, PRF, or PPP centrifuge, whether a single centrifuge or a customized solution in volume, see the below options or contact our Sales department to start customizing your centrifuge today.

Horizon 6

Three preset cycles to provide consistency and reproducibility for any PRP tubes

Horizon 24 Flex

Horizontal rotor and ten (10) programmable settings for large volume tubes

Horizon 6 Flex

Horizontal or fixed-angle rotor models available for small tubes

Drucker platelet rich plasma centrifuges offer the necessary flexibility to adapt to any specification. With a range of standard models easily adjusted to time or g-force specifications, standard tubes are easily accommodated. We also offer extensive customization options – we can design for virtually any specialized equipment.

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