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Centrifuges for platelet rich plasma | Drucker Diagnostics

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), and Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) are common samples needed for diagnostic testing. As a leading U.S. clinical centrifuge manufacturer, Drucker Diagnostics partners with tube manufacturers around the world to create general purpose centrifuges optimized for each individual application. Each unit can be preset for a single tube type or to the Instructions For Use of a specific tube manufacturer. 

Our internal team works with each partner to ensure a strong understanding of the clinical applications and the performance necessary from the centrifuge. For more information on a PRP, PRF, or PPP centrifuge, whether a single centrifuge or a customized solution in volume, see the below options or contact our Sales department to start customizing your centrifuge today.

Horizon 6

Three preset cycles to provide consistency and reproducibility for any PRP tubes

Horizon 24 Flex

Horizontal rotor and ten (10) programmable settings for large volume tubes

Horizon 6 Flex

Horizontal or fixed-angle rotor models available for small tubes

The Centrifugation Step

A centrifuge for PRP is used for diagnostic and clinical purposes due to its importance in multiple applications. This process requires taking a sample of a patient’s blood and putting the blood through a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells and the plasma. Tube design and centrifugation are both factors in concentrating platelets in the resulting plasma, leading to platelet rich plasma. 

Methods for using a centrifuge as a method of platelet-rich plasma preparation vary dramatically depending on the specifics of the tubes being used in the process. Each tube requires customized instructions for use (IFUs), including everything from spin time to g-force. In some cases, a two-stage spin is required. In all cases, following the instructions provided on any tube that is being spun is essential. Drucker produces centrifuges for PRP creation, designed to empower optimal conditions to meet tube and kit manufacturer recommendations; we do not independently recommend any particular PRP creation methodology. 

Our Centrifuges for PRP & PRF Analysis

We offer multiple centrifuges for production of PRP. All of these centrifuges come with full two-year warranties as well as LED lighting to display cycle status. Our units also have a wide range of customization options, allowing them to arrive preprogrammed from the factory to spin preferred settings ideal for matching exacting IFUs. The options we have available include:

  • HORIZON 6: The HORIZON 6 model comes with three preset cycles to provide consistency and reproducibility for PRP tubes. This is a compact, easy-to-use device that’s designed for smaller applications. With a capacity of 3-10 mL and a weight of just 12 lb, the HORIZON 6 is the perfect solution for professionals who need a centrifuge that they can move and manage easily.
  • HORIZON 24 Flex: The HORIZON 24 Flex is a routine centrifuge made for larger tubes. This product is ideal for the centrifugation of PRP tubes up to 50 mL. It also has a horizontal rotor, ten (10) programmable settings for large volume tubes and a digital display that allows you to monitor the remaining time of the current spin. 
  • HORIZON 6 Flex: We have horizontal or fixed-angle rotor models available for small tubes. Like the traditional HORIZON 6, the HORIZON 6 Flex is built to handle smaller applications. Its lighter weight and capacity make it a convenient yet high-quality solution. This model offers additional benefits such as a digital display and customizable time and speed settings. 

Request a Customized Centrifuge That Can Be Used for PRP Centrifugation

Drucker platelet rich plasma centrifuges offer the necessary flexibility to adapt to any specification. With a range of standard models easily adjusted to time or g-force specifications, standard tubes are easily accommodated. We also offer extensive customization options – we can design for virtually any specialized equipment.

If you’re looking for a manageable, intuitive centrifuge that will help you conduct a smooth preparation of platelet-rich plasma, we can deliver a product that will meet your requirements. Contact us if you have questions or fill out our form below to receive your customized centrifuge for PRP analysis.

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