Outreach Lab Centrifugation

Maintaining specimen integrity between collection at the outreach site and analysis in the central lab is a challenge. Delayed centrifugation and poor gel barrier formation due to fixed-angle centrifugation can skew results or render specimens unusable. Poor results and unusable specimens require re-draws, which are costly, inefficient, and a nuisance to both staff and patients alike. 

The right equipment can minimize these expensive hassles. The CLSI recommends1) horizontal centrifugation, 2) centrifugation as promptly after draw as possible. Drucker’s outreach tools offer these elements in an affordable package.


Higher specimen quality through optimal sample handling


Reduced demands on lab personnel to handle questionable specimens


  • 6 tube capacity horizontal rotor
  • World’s best selling lab centrifuge
  • Simple 1 button operation ensures consistency


  • 6 tube capacity horizontal rotor
  • Three preset time/speed cycles
  • Max speed 3,800 RPM and max
    g-force/RCF of 2,000

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