Affordable and durable centrifuges built for heavy-duty reference lab use

Drucker centrifuges are the most frequently used brand across all reference labs. Drucker products combine workhorse utility with affordability, helping keep costs down without sacrificing quality centrifugation. We also offer state of the art sample protection tools, avoiding costly redraws by preserving samples well beyond the current industry standard in hot or cold weather.


  • Six (6) tube capacity horizontal rotor
  • Single preset speed and time setting
  • Max speed 3,380 RPM and max RCF/
    g-force of 1,600

Horizon 6

  • Six (6) tube capacity horizontal rotor
  • Three preset speed/time settings
  • Max speed 3,600 RPM and max RCF/
    g-force of 2,000


  • Keeps specimens safe for hours, even in extreme climates (15°F – 100°F)
  • Available in front load or top load designs

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