Platelet Rich Plasma & Platelet Rich Fibrin

Platelet Rich Plasma & Platelet Rich Fibrin therapy is routinely used in Orthopedics, Wound Healing, Dental Implants, Cosmetics, Hair Restoration, Veterinary, and endlessly more applications being developed. As a leading U.S. clinical centrifuge manufacturer, Drucker Diagnostics partners with most of the Global manufactures of PRP and PRF kits to offer the best centrifuges to fit your specific needs.

Our internal team has a strong understanding of our customer’s clinical applications. Decades of experience with centrifuge design for these clinical applications ensure that all Drucker products perform exactly as needed. For more information on a PRP centrifuge, whether a single centrifuge or a customized solution in volume, see the below options or contact our Sales department to start customizing your centrifuge today.

Horizon 6

Three preset cycles to provide consistency and reproducibility for any PRP tubes

Horizon 24 Flex

Horizontal rotor and ten (10) programmable settings for large volume tubes

Horizon 6 Flex

Horizontal or fixed-angle rotor models available for small tubes

Drucker centrifuges offer the necessary flexibility to adapt to any PRP or PRF specification. With a range of standard models easily adjusted to time or G-Force specifications, standard tubes are easily accommodated. We also offer extensive customization options – we can design for virtually any specialized equipment.

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