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Community Outreach

Reliable centrifuges built for repeat sample processing. 

Drucker centrifuges are built for the needs of hospital community outreach programs. Our simple controls and carefully selected presets provide easy repeatability so specimens are prepared correctly every time. Our workhorse products stand up to the demands of even the busiest collection center. In addition, we provide the SampleSafe™ lockbox, a new industry standard in sample protection against both hot and cold temperatures. 

Explore Drucker’s line of community outreach products:


Six (6) tube capacity horizontal rotor. Single, preset speed and time cycle setting. Max speed 3,380 RPM and max G-Force/RCF of 1,600.


Six (6) tube capacity horizontal rotor. Set-and-lock controls, three factory presets. Max speed 3,800 RPM and max G-Force/RCF of 2,000.


Keeps specimens safe for hours, even in extreme climates (15°F/-9°C – 100°F/38°C). Available in front load or top load designs.