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The New Standard 
in STAT Processing

Drucker Diagnostics’ DASH centrifuges are designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding STAT labs. Choose our set-and-lock models for maximum repeatability. Or, monitor cycle status down to the last second with the DASH Flex 12’s digital countdown. Lid lights flash at the end of each cycle, reducing turnaround time and forgotten tubes.

Easy to Monitor

LED lid lighting (patent pending) indicates when the centrifuge is ready to load (off), running (on), or done (flashing) to reduce turnaround time. The DASH Flex 12’s digital display shows cycle parameters and time remaining.

Easy to Use

Program up to 10 custom time, RPM, and g-force settings with the DASH Flex 12. Or, set and lock your three preferred cycles using the DASH Apex’s two-button interface.

Eliminate Wait Time

DASH centrifuges are so compact that they can be used in an array in accessioning. The array will allow spinning samples as soon as they arrive, further shortening your TAT.

A Great Value

Unbeatable quality for any budget. Each centrifuge comes ready to run with a horizontal rotor, universal tube holders, and 2-year warranty included in the affordable price. Enjoy years of worry-free operation with DASH.

Real Results

Mount Nittany Medical Center participated in a Drucker Diagnostics study to address STAT turnaround time (TAT) and occasional sample contamination.

Mount Nittany Medical Center labs used an array of Drucker Diagnostics’ DASH centrifuges to create a special STAT accessioning station to decrease TAT by 16.5 minutes. Now, Emergency Department samples do not have to wait for the larger centrifuges to fill up before being spun and sent to chemistry.

“With all the variables accounted for, things have fallen into place. I highly recommend Drucker Diagnostics. They have been a great help to Mount Nittany Medical Center.” Bonnie Mesoros

Lab Operations Manager, Mount Nittany Medical Center

DASH Apex 6

  • 6 tube capacity (75-100 mm)
  • 3 presets, or customize with your lab’s validated settings

DASH Flex 12

  • 12 tube capacity (75-100 mm)
  • 10 programmable settings
  • Digital display

DASH Apex 12

  • 12 tube capacity (75-100 mm)
  • 3 presets, or customize with your lab’s validated settings

DASH Apex 24

  • 24 tubes (75-100 mm), 6 x 50 mL
  • 3 presets, or customize with your lab’s validated settings

Designed, built, and supported in the USA