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Updated 1:45 PM EST 3/20/2020

I want to thank our partners for your continued support and provide you with an update of the efforts we are taking to support your operations during this COVID 19 challenge.

Drucker Diagnostics is a Pennsylvania based medical device manufacturer located in two locations, Philipsburg, PA and Port Matilda, PA. Drucker manufactures the following medical devices that are essential and critical for the functionality of the US healthcare system and the ongoing care of US citizens:

  • Hematology analyzers and millions of diagnostic test kits used in physician’s offices, hospitals labs, oncology centers, research facilities, US military navy ships & submarines, US Embassy labs, and many other locations.
  • Clinical centrifuges for physician’s offices, hospitals, mobile phlebotomy units, home health providers, and dialysis centers in the US.
  • Clinical centrifuge brands for hundreds of other critical medical companies nationwide.
  • Blood collection tube transportation systems used to transport rural blood collection tubes to main diagnostic laboratories.

Drucker Diagnostics has approval from the state of Pennsylvania to continue operating our manufacturing facilities. It is imperative for the healthcare of US citizens and American critical infrastructure that Drucker Diagnostics does everything it can to continue to operate the manufacturing facilities located at the above locations at 100% capacity.

Drucker Diagnostics has instituted safety and health protocols recommended by Occupational Safety and Health Administration as well as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention including at least 10 feet social distancing protocols, in part, because the continuity of our operation is essential to supporting many aspects of the healthcare and US/global supply chain and critical infrastructure across multiple industries and institutions. Drucker Diagnostics and its employees are ready to meet the challenge of today – fighting and defeating the COVID-19 virus – and seek your continued support.

We believe that at this time of uncertainty we are called to do our part to make the world safer, healthier and more productive. We trust that our commitment to you, our employees, their families and our community at large, combined with our joint undying dedication and perseverance will help to bring an end to COVID-19.


Craig Stout
President and CEO
Drucker Diagnostics

Updated 1:37 PM EST 3/16/2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to develop within the United States, Drucker Diagnostics is committed to maintaining service for our customers and safety for our team throughout this crucial time.

Drucker Diagnostics designs, builds, and supports our centrifuges, lockboxes, and dry hematology products entirely in the US. All of our production happens in our factory in Central Pennsylvania. This location and centralization gives us an advantage in protecting our team and in providing an uninterrupted supply of centrifuges as this outbreak develops. Today, centrifuge orders ship to our customers with no delay from usual scheduling. Our goal is to maintain this schedule as closely as possible during the outbreak.

Drucker has already enacted our contingency plan to minimize exposure and transmission internally. We have increased disinfection and sanitation protocols in our facilities, and many non-frontline employees are working remotely. All international and non-essential domestic travel has been restricted. While we will miss the interaction with our partners, we cannot place our team or your team at risk of transmission. Although you may not see us face to face, all the Drucker staff that you have relied on in the past is at work and ready to assist you.

When this outbreak was first detected, we took immediate steps to secure our supply chain. That proactive security, combined with protections for our valued employees, will allow us to continue shipping product to ensure healthcare providers can meet the patient’s needs during this pandemic.

While we all hope that this crisis will pass quickly, that seems more unlikely by the day. All signs point to increased need for patient care over the coming months. If you anticipate an increase in centrifuge needs, we encourage you to reach out as soon as possible so that we may deliver for you without delay.

Drucker Diagnostics offers innovative solutions for a healthier world. We show that commitment every day, and our COVID-19 response is no different. We stand ready to support the global healthcare community, ensuring that every facility has the centrifuges it needs for patient care. If you have any questions about Drucker’s response to the coronavirus or product availability, please reach out to your usual business contact or reply to this email.
Thank you for all that you do to support global health, especially in this current crisis.


Craig Stout
CEO & President
Drucker Diagnostics